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Think Cooling are Gold Coast air conditioning specialists

Air Conditioning Specialists Gold Coast

Think Cooling is a leading Gold Coast air conditioning specialist that provides fully customised air conditioning and installation services throughout South East Queensland & Northern N.S.W. Locally owned and operated, Think Cooling is an authorised dealer for electrical giants such as Mitsubishi, Daikin and MyAir products, brand names that are all synonymous with air conditioning technology of the highest quality.

We are a team of reputable and renowned air conditioning specialists who offer a wide, comprehensive range of air conditioning solutions to suit the unique requirements of all our clients. All installations and services are completed by our trained professionals – we never outsource work to subcontractors.

At Think Cooling, we understand that great air conditioning doesn’t just mean cool air on a hot summer’s day; all of our air conditioners are environmentally friendly, offering both a high degree of energy efficiency as well as cost effective operation.

We possess a long established history in the air conditioning industry and all of our clients benefit from our considerable knowledge and experience. Having a customised air conditioning solution designed and installed by Think Cooling ensures a professional service that is completed on time, according to budget and without hassle.

You will experience the dedication of our dynamic team in providing you with expert services and the best quality outcomes, in all aspects of your air conditioning needs on the Gold Coast, whether you require residential, commercial, industrial or retail solutions.


From split system air conditioners to state of the art, fully ducted air conditioning systems, Think Cooling provides a complete range of air conditioning solutions to suit the demands of all environments to companies located through the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Northern N.S.W. Below is an overview of the major air conditioning installation types and their respective advantages:


Split System Air Conditioners – split systems are ideal for smaller spaces such as bedrooms, providing an affordable and effective cooling and heating solution that is reliable, energy efficient and whisper quiet. To find out more about Split Systems, please visit our Split Systems Air Conditioners page.

Ducted Air Conditioners – often regarded as the finest in residential cooling and heating solutions, ducted air conditioning systems provide an unrivalled level of serenity and comfort. Unlike split systems, ducted systems distribute air through discretely located ceiling vents, ensuring minimal visibility. Although it can still be used to air condition a single room, ducted is most commonly used to service an entire home. To learn more about ducted air conditioners, please visit our Ducted Air Conditioners page.

Multi-Split Air Conditioners – multi-split air conditioners are a versatile air conditioning solution that enable you to connect up to eight indoor units to a single outdoor unit. Indoor units come in a variety of configurations including wall mounted, ducted and bulk head depending on your preference or requirement. Multi split systems are a great option to consider when indoor space is limited, offer a high level of energy efficiency and a wide range of styles and capacities, while still providing an exceptional standard of air conditioned comfort. For further information, please visit our Multi-Split Air Conditioners page.


In addition to residential air conditioning installations, we also specialise in the design and installation of commercial air conditioning solutions for companies located across the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Northern N.S.W. Aside from installation, our highly trained professionals also perform routine servicing, preventative maintenance and repair work when required. To learn more, please visit our Commercial services page.

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Energy Saving Tip #2

Take control of heat loads… Do your best to control excessive heat loads to your conditioned space. Closing window coverings, blinds and awning will reduce the amount heat transferred into your home. If you have a ducted system, closing zones and doors to areas not being used will also increase efficiency.

Here's What Our Happy Customers Are Saying


We couldn't have survived this Summer without Air Conditioning. Thank you to Nathan and the team at Think Cooling for installing our Mitsubishi AC in our new duplex. The entire process very easy for us - from the initial consultation, they helped us explore our needs and quoted within our budget. All in all they are great blokes and it was a very good experience for us. More than happy with the result and had a really cool summer. Thanks again Guys.

— Luke Boman - Gold Coast Mitsubishi AC Installation


“Fantastic Mitsubishi system installed in our master bedroom over the summer period. The work was performed to an exceptional standard and the guys took care of the removal of our old system. Great service. Thanks, Think Cooling 🙌🏻

Nicole Elizabeth