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At Think Cooling, we offer the best AC solutions the Gold Coast has to offer. We have the best products and services for all your Oxenford air conditioning needs.

The best Gold Coast air conditioning providers don’t limit themselves to the beach-side regions and most popular suburbs. The team at Think Cooling extend our services inland, and this means providing the best air conditioning Oxenford & Maudsland residents can get.

Split System Air Conditioning Gold Coast

There is a demand here for new systems and top air conditioning products to suit all kinds of investors and we’re ready to meet that demand.

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Use our calculator tool to get an idea of what our affordable services would cost you. If you’re looking for a ducted system, get in touch with our team to arrange a free in-home appraisal and quote.

Split System Air Conditioning Gold Coast

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    Why Choose Think Cooling for Oxenford Air Conditioning?

    Home repairs and installations can be a stressful experience for any homeowner. There is the fear that something crucial is wrong with the system, or that it will take lots of time, effort and money to fix.

    This stress can be exacerbated in the Gold Coast heat when an AC breaks down. Think Cooling technicians are ready to make sure that every repair, installation and upgrade is as affordable, stress-free and efficient as possible.

    This means less time to worry about parts, quotes and appointments and more time enjoying a new and improved climate control system.

    Oxenford and Maudsland

    Oxenford saw a relatively small rise in population since the 2011 census of 6.1%. This is small compared to some other areas that saw a surge in interest and a vast array of new builds. Still, this means that there is a steady demand for homes from the right type of investor or families.

    It is a slightly different story over in Maudsland, which although small in population, saw a 73.2% rise in this period. This has become a popular inland option because of its location and amenities. This steady growth means a need for more residential and commercial developments.

    Choosing the right AC system for air conditioning Oxenford

    Split Systems

    The growth of Maudsland as an inland region means demand for large apartment blocks and quick builds. This, in turn, means a demand for the very best split system air con units. Split systems provide a simple, reliable means of cooling a small space.

    Therefore, they are an invaluable resource for any open-plan living area that may get far to hot in the summers months. There are also multi-split systems for new builds that provide an effective, discrete form of AC for apartments. Think Cooling specialists can help you choose the best option for your needs.  

    Ducted Systems

    There will also be lots of people with family homes in Oxenford that will take advantage of the chance to improve climate control in their property. Ducted systems are a user-friendly way of handling the needs of multiple rooms on one system.

    Established properties in this area need to keep up with the maintenance and upgrades of these systems. Again, Think Cooling specialists are on hand to provide all the advice and services that you need.

    New builds in Maudsland can also benefit from a MyAir system

    One of the most important criteria for any new build in Maudsland – or across the Gold Coast region – is strong green credentials. There are many ways that new developers can make a new build a little greener. An energy-efficient AC like the ducted MyAir system is a great starting point.

    This system uses motion and temperature sensors to minimise wasted air and energy. Each connected room has its own customisable climate and users can adjust the settings at any time. This is all made easy with the home hub device and associated app, which is even easy enough for younger and senior residents to use.

    It’s never been easier to enjoy year-round comfort!

    Get in touch to see how MyAir can make your life a breeze!

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    We also service other surrounding areas such as Ormeau and Upper Coomera

    Here’s What Our Happy Customers Are Saying


    “Very helpful. We had Think Cooling install AC’s in our house as well as in our rental property. They do fantastic work and are very reasonable on pricing. Nathan is very knowledgeable and takes the time to explain anything you want.

    Hayley French (5 stars GMB)


    “I had my ducted system installed by Think Cooling and I have never looked back since. The customer service was professional and the quality of the install was great. The team were really effective and efficient throughout the whole process. I would 100% recommend this air conditioning company to anyone on the Gold Coast.”

    — Kayleigh Popple (5 stars GMB)

    Gold Coast – Ducted Air Conditioning Installation


    “Connected with us through and confirmed that they would recommend Think Cooling to their friends and family”

    — Louise M (5 stars HiPages)

    Parkwood 4214 – Air Conditioner Repair

    Contact us today to cover all your AC needs

    There are lots of ways that you can bring a more eco-friendly, effective AC system to your property – as either a homeowner or a property developer. But, you can’t enjoy any of these great products and features without the services and expertise of our Think Cooling air conditioning team.

    There are lots of ways to get in touch with us to learn more about our products, request a quote or arrange a little light repair. Give us a call to learn more about air conditioning Oxenford. We are ready to take your calls and emails and bring you closer to your new, greener AC solution.

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