What are the different types of air conditioners?

There are four (4) main types of air conditioning systems available today for residential homes. These include:

Split System Air Conditioning

This is an air conditioning system that consists of an indoor and an outdoor air conditioning unit.

The outdoor unit houses the condenser coil, the condenser cooling fan and the compressor, motor. This unit is installed on the outer wall of the room that is to receive the air conditioning. The indoor unit contains the evaporator, expansion valve, fan and is operated by a controller/remote to regulate the temperature and fan speed.

Compared to some systems, a split system ensures the source of any noise, being the compressor and fan are not in the same room, giving a much quieter performance.

In addition, the split system lowers energy costs since it does not require ducts to transmit cool or hot air from the outdoor to the indoor unit. Instead of ducts, the air is channelled through refrigerant tubing which greatly minimises energy loss.

This system can provide both cooling and heat all year round.

Ducted Air Conditioning

A ducted air conditioner works by channelling air through a network of passages/pipes called ‘ducts’ installed in the roof space of the home. The compressor unit is placed in a central location in the roof space and the ducts are connected to the unit which funnels cool air into different rooms via a ceiling outlet.

A ducted air conditioner is a great investment if you want to have multiple rooms air-conditioned or heated. Through the zoning function, you can easily determine the temperature of specific rooms individually. Smart Home systems like MyAir make this easy to use and can be controlled remotely.

Multi-Head Split Systems

This is an air conditioning system that is identical to the split system but, comes with one significant difference – one outdoor unit powers multiple indoor units.

This system is ideal for residential or commercial establishments with limited wall space to house multiple outdoor units. They’re also quite economical e.g. one (1) external unit can run up to 4 indoor units, lowering energy costs.

Ceiling Air Conditioners

As the name suggests, these are air conditioner systems mounted on the ceiling. There are two main varieties: under ceiling and ceiling cassettes.

Under ceiling air conditioners sit just below the ceiling, while ceiling cassettes are installed in the ceiling. These conditioners are excellent for homes or commercial establishments with limited wall space, or they can be installed for aesthetic purposes to enhance the appearance of a room.

What is a High Wall Split System?

This type of split system air conditioner is installed just under the ceiling at the highest point on the wall, hence the name High Wall.

These reverse cycle systems consist of an outdoor compressor unit and indoor fan coil unit, operated and temperature controlled inside the home.

These systems are low noise as the outdoor compressor unit is located outside the home, removing any internal motor noise.

Which type of air conditioning is best for my home?

Choosing the right type of air conditioner can seem like a difficult task. That’s where we come in. There are a number of factors to consider when selecting an air conditioning system for your home.

We always consider the following in doing so:

  • What’s the size of the home area you need to be cooled?
  • How is the home built, what materials are used on the walls and roof?
  • Does the home have insulation installed?
  • What is the angle of the sunlight on the home during the day?

Once we establish these facts, we can help you choose the right system for your home.

What is the difference between air conditioning brands?

Not all brands are the same. It’s important to consider choosing a well-known brand that offers a long-term warranty and manufacturers support if your air conditioner has a problem.

Brands like Mitsubishi and Daikin are well known for providing both high-quality air conditioners with backup support and parts.

Lesser known or cheaper brands often become unreliable, breakdown, become unrepairable, forcing owners to fully replace the air conditioning system at a higher cost.

We can help you choose one of the best-known and trusted brands for your home.

Who can install my air conditioning?

It’s important that you only employ a qualified and licensed air conditioning technician to install your air conditioning.

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These technicians are certified with a Refrigerant Handling Licence and state Contractors Licence (QBCC in Queensland) that permits them to complete this type of work. These licenses must be held by anyone who carries out air conditioning and refrigeration work and handling fluorocarbon refrigerant products. Your technician must be ARCTick Certified to do your installation.

Our team is fully certified and highly experienced in air conditioning installations.

Do you service, maintain and repair air conditioning?

Yes, we do.

We can provide breakdown and warranty repairs for your air conditioning system. If your air conditioner feels like it’s not working or there are unusual noises coming from the system, you can contact us to arrange a service inspection.

We can also provide scheduled preventative maintenance to protect your investment in your air conditioning system. We recommend maintaining systems on an annual basis, cleaning filters, checking the mechanics of the system. This is the best form of insurance for your air conditioning system.


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    Energy Saving Tip #2

    Take control of heat loads… Do your best to control excessive heat loads to your conditioned space. Closing window coverings, blinds and awning will reduce the amount heat transferred into your home. If you have a ducted system, closing zones and doors to areas not being used will also increase efficiency.

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