Air Con Maintenance and Coronavirus Covid-19

Preventative maintenance

Air Con Maintenance is an important step to reduce the need to fully replace a unit at big expense. Over time, things can wear out or deplete so it’s critical that your air conditioner is maintained to ensure there are no breakdowns.

During this time of uncertainty and concern with the Coronavirus – Covid-19, the wellness of our customers is our number one priority. During hot and cold weather, it’s important to us that your air conditioner is working properly and giving you a comfortable living environment.

If you happen to be ill in some way, or elderly, this is very important if you’re suffering from high temperatures and fevers. Hygiene is also a big factor during these times. So servicing filters on the air conditioner is also very important.

This post covers the different aspects of maintenance and repairs and the benefits of doing so.

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Maintenance and Repairs

Your investment in an air conditioner can be large, so it’s important to protect it. We recommend that domestic units are serviced at least once annually. Commercial units will vary depending on the type of system and amount of use.

Our maintenance services will check:

  • Filters – removed and cleaned in full.
  • Check gas levels.
  • Flush drains.
  • Compressor motor performance.
  • Fittings on the system.
  • Check duct work.

It’s important to use a licensed refrigeration specialist to perform the service. Our team is trained and licensed to handle products and perform maintenance services. You can DIY cleaning filters if you can access these parts easily.

If you are noticing strange noises or feeling like the air conditioner is not performing right, this is often an early warning sign that a bigger issue is starting to unfold. This is the best time to arrange an inspection and service of the unit before any major issues present.

Ask your technician if the service falls under manufacturer warranty to help save you the costs of repairs as well.

Energy Saving Tips

A well maintained air conditioner will immediately reduce your energy costs as the unit is running at its optimum level.

Other ways to save on your energy usage include:

Consider the temperature setting:

Setting your air conditioner to cool to 18° will not cool your place down any quicker than setting it to 24° on a hot day. A low setting means the unit has to work harder and longer to get to that temperature. 24° is optimal but try 25° for more efficiency.

Regular maintenance

As mentioned, servicing your air conditioner will ensure it operates correctly without drawing extra electricity to do so.

We recommend that the air filters are cleaned every three (3) months to help air flow and remove contaminants and reduce running pressures. 

Reduce heat loads

You can help the air conditioner to run more efficiently by closing blinds, doors and windows to concentrate the cool or warm air where you want it.

Avoid using the Auto Mode

Most air conditioners have an auto mode that swings between cool and warm air as the unit detects it needs. It’s best to manually choose the setting you want to reduce strain on the unit and energy use.

Other tips

Keep an eye on the weather forecast. If it’s going to be a hot day, close the blinds early before the sun is at its peak.

In the cooler months it’s in reverse. Allow the sun to naturally heat the home through windows from sunrise and through the day.

Arrange a service

If you’re concerned that your air conditioner isn’t working well or it’s been a while since the last service, contact us today to arrange an inspection and service.

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