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Preventative Maintenance Is Key

Maintaining a commercial air conditioning system is an important step toward reducing costs and extending the life time of the system.

These systems are larger and more complex than domestic systems. They require ongoing scheduled maintenance to ensure the system will remain operational. During this time where many businesses are closed due to the Covid 19 virus pandemic and with restrictions beginning to lift, now is the time to arrange an inspection of your system.

Typically, many systems will have been shut down for the past weeks and months due to the lock downs. Before they are switched back on and used on a daily basis, it’s important to inspect the system to ensure all working parts, gas are in good order.

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What’s included in an inspection?

Our maintenance services will check:

  • Filters – removed and cleaned in full.
  • Check gas levels.
  • Flush drains.
  • Compressor motor performance.
  • Fittings on the system.
  • Check duct work.

It’s important to use a licensed refrigeration specialist to perform the service. Our team is trained and licensed to handle products and perform maintenance services. You can DIY cleaning filters if you can access these parts easily.

If you are noticing strange noises or feeling like the air conditioner is not performing right, this is often an early warning sign that a bigger issue is starting to unfold. This is the best time to arrange an inspection and service of the unit before any major issues present.

This will also give you peace of mind that the system is clean and free of contaminants when customers return to your business.

What types of commercial air conditioning systems do you service?

We service all types of commercial air conditioning systems including:

  • Single split system: perfect for small businesses or low cost applications that need a system targeting single rooms or a small open plan space.
  • Multi-split system: Similar to a single split system though takes up less outdoor space and allows versatility of different indoor systems.
  • VRF or VRV Air Conditioning: Energy efficient technology, originally developed by Daikin, which is the best solution for medium to large applications.

Our team is fully qualified and licensed to perform these types of services and can provide professional advice on managing the system and scheduled maintenance plans. Ask your technician for more information on your next visit.

We can also provide installation of new ac systems for your business.

We can provide the following installations:

  • Shopping centres.
  • Office precincts.
  • School classrooms, administration areas or general student recreational areas.
  • Low-rise prestige development projects.
  • Factory, warehouse or workshop facilities.
  • Commercial office buildings.
  • Retail and showroom fit outs.

Our experienced team will work alongside your builders, architects and the team responsible for managing the installation of your commercial air conditioning system to design the perfect solution for your premises.

If you’re concerned that your commercial air conditioner isn’t working well or it’s been a while since the last service, contact us today to arrange an inspection and service.

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